We're very proud of the positive buzz and feedback that we've received at The Cowfish. Below is a list of recent press regarding our restaurant, food and service.

The Cowfish: The next restaurants to watch
The hunt for "the next big thing" is never-ending in the restaurant business, and the editors of Nation's Restaurant News are always on the lookout for cutting-edge brands that capitalize on consumers' changing tastes. The Cowfish was choosen as one of the top Breakout Brands of 2014 and we couldn't be more excited!
[Check out Nation's Restaurant News]

10 Outrageously Good Burgers Across America
Thanks to the fine folks at Relish Magazine for selecting The Cowfish as one of the 10 Outrageously Good Burgers Across America. We're flattered and excited that The Cowfish Has Offically Left The Building was selected as one of all the great burgers selected.
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Michael Phelps visits The Cowfish
While in Charlotte for Swim Mac, Michael Phelps dined at The Cowfish. US Weekly Magazine caught wind of his visit to Charlotte and The Cowfish and wrote a story about it. We asked if he wanted to go for a dip in our 600-gallon fish tank but he left his speedo and goggles back at the hotel. Pick up a copy of the US Weekly June 2012 issue for the full story!
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"Burgushi" Hits North Carolina - Is Texas Next?
The Cowfish Co-owner, Alan Springate, was recently featured in The Alcalde Magazine at his alma mater, the University of Texas. "Alan Springate, BA '94, and his restaurant partner, Marcus Hall, first cooked up the idea of burgushi in November 2010. You won't find it in the Webster's dictionary - at least yet. But burgushi is quickly catching on. The quirky term describes sushi rolls made with burger components."
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"Best Burger" - Uptown Magazine
The Cowfish was named "Best Burger" in the January 2012 issue of Uptown Magazine. "The Cowfish Sushi and Burger Bar pairs fusion sushi and burgers for an eclectic take on two favorites. The restaurant features a bright interior, custom artwork, and a 600-gallon aquarium filled with live cowfish. The signature burger menu -- angus beef, Ahi tuna, bison, and lamb -- surely boasts a burger that will delight any palate."
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Newsworthy Romance
The Cowfish was recently noted as Dion Lim's favorite restaurant with her new hubby Evan Panesis. It's no secret we're proud to know Dion, we even named a sushi roll after her, the Neon Dion roll! Find out more about Dion and her "newsworthy romance" in the January 2012 issue of SouthPark Magazine.
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From Greeting to Check
"My lasting impression of The Cowfish is that every thing, from interior design, to menu, to atmosphere, to service attitude, was designed around serving me a good meal, irreverently well-done. Their food was great. But that's the expectation. I'd have never expected my food to be to satirical, but that's what The Cowfish delivered and I loved every minute of it."
[Read more at Kickass Content]

The Cowfish featured on BurgerDivas
Recently, BurgerDivas visited The Cowfish for the first time to see firsthand what all the buzz was about. From the Caribbean Spring Rolls, to the Boursin Burger, to the spiked Eggnog shake... it appears that they were impressed! See BurgerDivas blog post below to watch a documentary of their visit and to read a personal interview with Chef David Lucarelli.
[Read more at BurgerDivas]

China Discovers The Cowfish (a.k.a. KoeVis)
This just in... China has discovered The Cowfish. Here's what they had to say... "The East meets West is the flavor trend of the moment. In the U.S., The Cowfish entrance. The name says it all: KoeVis. The restaurant in the state of North Carolina combines two core products, namely, hamburgers and creative sushi. It's an unexpected combination that works well."
[Read more at Food Inspiration]

Burger Meets Sushi
"A Charlotte restaurant is blending two styles of food with great success." The story of the Cowfish, what once was considered a "crazy idea" by many people, how it all got started and what's in store for the restaurant has been featured by Rmgt. "The restaurant is now so successful that guests have to book weeks in advance for weekend meals and regulars are known as "Cowfish Junkies."
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Charlotte's 25 Best Restaurants
The Cowfish has been selected as one of Charlotte's 25 Best Restaurants by Charlotte Magazine for 2011. "The guys behind this bizarre concept are visionaries. Sure, when you tell people about it who haven't been yet, they're skeptical. And if you mention the word burgushi, a furrowing of the brow usually occurs. But this business is thriving, and once you've tasted one of the juicy burgers, a roll of the innovative sushi, or even some of that burgushi, you'll understand why."
[Read more at Charlotte Magazine]

Instant Classic
The Cowfish was featured as an "Instant Classic" as part of the Best New Restaurants of 2011 in Where Charlotte Magazine. "Charlotte loves burgers and sushi, and you'll find both at the Cowfish. An instant classic, this SouthPark favorite created a unique item called "burgushi", rolling traditional burger components like medium-rare filet and roma tomatoes into sushi."
[Read more at Where Charlotte Magazine]

Eat and Enjoy!
Charlotte Living Magazine has featured The Cowfish in the November/December 2011 issue. "One thing you can certainly say about The Cowfish restaurant is that chefs and owners have thought to include something for everyone."
[Read more at Charlotte Living - page 56]

Charlotte's Food Scene
Garden & Gun Magazine featured The Cowfish in the "Charlotte's Food Scene" article in the October/November 2011 issue. "Over on the gonzo end of the spectrum, the Cowfish, a crazily popular new restaurant concept that will sweep the country if God doesn't strike down the owners for crimes against both burgers and sushi, serves a pimento cheese burger topped with blue corn tortilla strips and fried pepperoncinis."
[Read more at Garden & Gun]

Rachael Ray Everyday Magazine
The Cowfish was mentioned in "Everyday With Rachael Ray" as a notable family-friendly restaurant.
[Read more at Rachael Ray Magazine]

See and Be Seen
As pointed out in Charlotte Magazine's 'See and Be Seen: Celebs Spotted in Charlotte' feature, Angie Harmon is a fan of The Cowfish and loves dining with us!
[Read more at Charlotte Magazine]

Dining Out
The Cowfish was featured in SavorNC Magazine's Dining Out guide. "While sushi and burgers may not seem like a natural combination, this new spot will make you a believer with its fresh, hearty and ecletic menu.
[Check out SavorNC Magazine]

A New Take On Surf & Turf
The Cowfish has been featured in Charlotte's Uptown Magazine. "The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar pairs the raw elegance of sushi and the hearty goodness of beef, cerating an eclectic take on two favorites."
[Check out Uptown Magazine]

The Cowfish awarded "Best New Concept"
"When we heard about The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar, we had a few -- OK, a lot of doubts. As if a restaurant serving burgers and sushi weren't strange enough, this place combines the two and serves something called a Burgushi (sushi rolls made using burger ingredients). Well call us converts, because not only has this SouthPark spot been wildly successful, but that crazily named Burgushi is seriously good."
[Read more at Charlotte Magazine]

Hittin' the Sauce
The Cowfish's Gorgonzola Spread is featured in Home + Garden's Hittin' the Sauce article in the April 2011 issue. Click below to get in on one of our little secrets.
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Three "Best of Dining" Awards
"Finally a restaurant that has something for all you sushi lovers, and non-sushi lovers! Check out Cow Fish for an awesome experience you can't find anywhere else in town. The atmosphere is great and so is the food."
[Read more on Elevate Lifestyle]

Burgushi: Cowfish's Creative Menu
"It's anything but traditional, but in this sushi- and burger-obsessed city, Marcus Hall's new Cowfish Sushi and Burger Bar in SouthPark actually makes sense."
[Read more at Charlotte Magazine]

Dish to Try: The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar's Nachos
"The nachos didn't disappoint. It was a strange mix - the hot dip with the cool avocado and tuna. But it worked. Very well, actually. The tuna was cooked perfectly and the wontons remained crispy, despite a generous slathering of the creamy crab."
[Read more at Charlotte Magazine]

The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar beefs up business
"The idea to keep the burger business in motion and fuse our popular sushi product into the mix arose, and the term 'sushi burger bar' was born. After much research, we realized that this unique idea gained tons of positive attention."
[Read more at Charlotte Business Journal]

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