Hana Fuji Apple or White Peach
Full Carafe  16   

Bursting with aromatic fruit flavors
Ty-Ku Black Junmai Ginjo
Full Carafe  24   

Smooth & balanced tropical fruit and fennel notes
Shirakabe Gura Mio Sparkling
330 ml  20   

A delicate, lightly sweet yet refreshing sparkler with melon, apricot & citrus notes
Sho Chiku Bai, Silky Mild Nigori
375 ml  16   

A sweet, creamy, rich, cloudy sake with toasty rice notes
Sho Chiku Bai, Rei Junmai Ginjo Draft
330 ml  19   

Aromas of tropical fruit, white blossom, white fruit & marzipan
Dassai 50 Otterfest Junmai Daiginjo
330 ml  30   

Heavenly perfumed with pure lychee, acacia blossom and pear flavors

 Gluten Sensitive    Vegetarian